Evatec - BAK series Thin Film Coating Systems are Industry leaders for precision based PVD coating applications. Engineered for 24/7 production, Evatec BAK systems are robust and easy to maintain with superior repeatability. The BAK batch coater delivers thin film deposition and etching capabilities for precision optics, opto-electronics and semiconductor applications to customers around the globe. From deposition of multi-layer dielectrics and metals, to TCOs or whole range of compounds, it can be configured just the way you need for directional coating, enhanced thickness uniformities and the tightest optical, mechanical and environmental specifications. The new generation BAK family brings you the complete solution including processes and substrate handling know-how on a platform with proven production reliability for the best-ever cost of ownership


  • Large range: BAK UNI for custom University Applications to BAK 2000, a production giant
  • Advanced Process Control offers full automation through Pump-down, Process, Venting and Data-logging stages.
  • Platform Geometry options: Standard throw, Lift Off, Split Chamber, Rear Extension
  • Choose from a large range of sources- Thermal Evaporation, E Guns, Wire Feeder, Barrel Source, Effusion Cells, Sputter, PIAD, Etch, Heating and Glow Discharge
  • Quartz Monitoring: Single, 6 and 12-way quartz with increased sampling rates for termination accuracy in single and co-deposition processes.
  • Custom tooling solutions, designed to maximize batch capacity for evaporation processes without compromise on film quality


  • DLC Coating: Evatec brings conventional PVD and PECVD processes together in the BAK evaporator to enable high performance protected AR coatings on Si or Ge.
  • Single and multiple bandpass filters for laser, 3D and photonics applications
  • Front and Back Metals in Power Devices: Evatec's planetary handling and flip systems offer cost effective deposition of thick front side aluminium or rear side contact stacks in single or double sided processes on the BAK Evaporator.


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