Vacuum pumps, when coupled with a ROOTS booster provide a higher pumping capacity at lower ultimate pressures. Lot of experience and engineering is required for optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of these ROOTS- Vacuum pump combinations. At Toshniwal, our engineers with decades of process vacuum experience design the ROOTS condenser systems to give a comprehensive vacuum solution customized to client application. These systems are designed to obtain maximum output with high efficiency while ensuring all components are retaining the longest product life. The ROOTS Condenser system is a result of Toshniwal’s constant effort to provide a wholesome solution for maximum process yield and efficiency.


  • Pumping Capacity Range: 250 m3/hr to 35000 m3/hr
  • Ultimate pressure: Depends on Vacuum pump used in system (Can go down to 1x10-3 mbar)
  • Vacuum pump choice: OLVP, Hybrid LRVP, Piston Vacuum Pump and Oil Immersed Vacuum Pumps
  • High quality ROOTS Boosters and Primary Vacuum pump with superior metallurgy and manufacturing quality.
  • High efficiency Condensers with superior residence time.
  • Unique solvent recovery drain system which ensures high solvent recovery
  • Increased Vacuum pump life due to optimum piping and efficient condenser
  • Every component, including internal piping and flanges are designed and optimized for highest pump performance and pump safety
  • Option of complete automation to avoid manpower and human errors
  • Excellent returns on investment.


With a very wide range of Vacuum and Booster pumps to choose from, the Toshniwal ROOTS condenser systems can handle most applications in the most effective and efficient way in the market. Some common applications that the RC systems are presently in commission:

  • High-yield Solvent recovery from distillation and similar processes
  • Oleoresin Extraction by solvent concentration using Vacuum
  • Vacuum drying: Rotary Cone Dryers and Vacuum Tray dryers in Pharmaceutical industries
  • Large capacity Desalination plants
  • Multiple Effect Evaporators


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