The Toshniwal Range of Water Meters are known for their long-term reliability and accuracy through superior international design standards and high-quality material of construction. Toshniwal’s wide range of Water Meters cater to the water consumption monitoring requirements of large pharma and chemical industries to domestic residencies and IT parks. Single-jet, Multi-jet, Woltman type variants are available with optional pulser outputs for PLC/SCADA integration.


  • Line Size Range: 15mm to 150mm (0.5” to 6”)
  • Hermetically sealed register (IP 68)
  • Patented hydro-dynamically balanced rotor
  • Equipped for pulse output (PLC/SCADA integration)
  • Hot water variants available for water up to 1300C.
  • High overload capability
  • 3600 rotatable register
  • Unaffected by external magnetic fields
  • EEC Pattern Approval


In any urban environment, it is very important to measure the amount of water consumed by individual processes or buildings to help reduce and manage water consumption efficiently. Toshniwal Water meters are known for superior quality and reliability and is being extensively used by the industrial sector and large scale property developers.

  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Cooling towers & Heat Exchangers
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Residential Apartments, Malls, Hospitals, Corporates
  • Green Campus/Building initiatives


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