Our vortex flow meter is ideal for measuring high flow rates of liquids, where moving parts of the equipment presents challenges. Microprocessor-controlled Vortex meters measure the high flow rate of liquid with excellent compensation of vibrations and metrological characteristics. These meters work on the principle of the Karman vortex street. Our vortex flow meters are designed to be extremely rugged and stable. The modern and user-friendly microprocessor-controlled electronics come with auto-adaptive digital signal processing.


  • Line Size Ranges: 15mm to 150mm
  • Extremely robust and resilient
  • Excellent metrological characteristics
  • Insensitive to pulsation, hydraulic shock and thermal shock
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics
  • Best suited for flow measurements where the introduction of moving parts presents problems
  • Extremely rugged and stable
  • Excellent metrological characteristics
  • Smart electronics measurement of the volume in the operational state


We offer flow meter solutions that can solve complex industrial problems. Our Vortex Flow meters have now become popular in the industrial and research sectors.

  • Vortex meters generally have a wide range of application. They are used in various industries:
  • Flow measurement of gas and steam
  • Flow measurement of conductive and nonconductive fluids
  • Use of measuring points which is a particularly robust measurement
  • Volume measurement for accounting (eg: compressed air systems, heat carriers, steam, chemical products)
  • Process control
  • Applications with high flow rate


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