Our range of Visual Level Indicators are ideal for any level measuring and control application for clean liquids like diesel, petrol, water, ethanol and high viscous liquids over large indication ranges. Equipped with its own permanent magnet, every flaps of the visual level indicators give an accurate reading. The patented guide tape enhances the device’s performance and gives a safe and reliable indication of liquid level, even during difficult operating conditions.


Why buy our visual level indicators?

  • The modular design of our visual level indicators ensures that they can be readily configured to precisely match the customer’s requirements.
  • Our Visual Level Indicators are compact, ensuring the highest possible diameter difference between float and tube. This feature is especially important when highly viscous liquids need to be measured.
  • Our visual level indicators have a very wide operating range. Vacuum to 500 bar pressured tanks and liquid densities up to 0.3 g/cm3. It can operate from 77 K to 673 K (–196 °C to +400 °C), allowing the device to be used for cryogenic liquid gases such as LPG/LNG, water hydraulics and steam boilers.
  • The wide colour contrasted flaps easy to read, even from far distances. The flap elements are red and aluminum colored, making it easy for the user to read. Alternative colour combinations are also available.
  • Corrosive liquids and high/low temperature applications do not affect the functioning of our visual level indicators.
  • Our visual level indicators do not require electrical power as they are directly based on the float principle of level measurement. They will work even if the power supply fails.
  • For most applications, indicators can be configured from standard modular components.
  • The indication rails of Visual Level Indicators do come in contact with the media, and thus do not require much maintenance. The indication flags hold their positions even in the presence of vibration and temperature variations.
  • For outdoor installations, refrigerant applications and food processing industries, indication rails with a polyolefin protective tube are used. These indication rails are more resistant to aggressive atmospheres. They also prevent ice formation and condensation.


Our Visual Level Indicators are used across industries. They can be adapted to match the requirements of the customer’s control systems. They are used in:

  • Chemical industries
  • Shipping industries
  • Thermal power plants
  • Railways
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Refrigeration systems


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