Toshniwal portable Transit Time flowmeters measure liquid flowrate by calculating the spreading time of ultrasonic wave downstream and upstream of liquid in pipe. This is done by using clamp-on sensors which non-intrusively generate and receive ultrasonic waves. The flow meter is most suited to measure homogeneous fluids with very low percentage of suspended solids and gas bubbles.


  • Non-intrusive means of flow measurement.
  • Flow in pipe need not be stopped to measure flow rate as these are clamp-on sensors
  • 0.5% linearity and 0.2% Repeatability
  • Battery supply lasts 8 hours in continuous function
  • Analog (4-20mA), Pulses (Relays), Frequence (OCT) and RS232 Outputs available


  • Majorly used for internal maintenance audits of existing flow meters as a reference.
  • This flow meter can be used over a very large flow range (DN20 to DN6000) owing to its clamp-on method of measuring.
  • Water treatment facilities, Slurry and waste water pipes
  • Used for challenging liquid flow measurements like acids and alkalis


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