Toshniwal portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter measures liquid flow rate by calculating the difference between transit time of ultrasonic wave downstream and upstream of liquid. This is done by using clamp-on sensors which non-intrusively generate and receive ultrasonic waves. Two fluid flow sensors are in direct contact with the pipe’s external surface. The sensors receive the ultrasonic pulses sent through the fluid pipe. Our ultrasonic flow measurement is ideal for water treatment facilities, slurry and wastewater pipes, liquid flow measurements of acids and alkalis. Ideal for liquid flow measurement as our portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter is known ●High precision ●High fidelity ●High competitivity.


Characteristics of our Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Clamp-on sensors ensure easy installation and operation. The flow need not be stopped for either installation or flow measurement.
  • Known for accuracy, the device 0.5% linearity and 0.2% repeatability.
  • There are total flow totalizers.
  • Battery supply lasting 8 hours in continuous functioning.
  • The time difference during the measuring process could be 0.1 ns.
  • Patented ultrasonic transducers function even with a low voltage supply.
  • Analog (4-20 ma), pulses (relays), frequence (OCT) and RS232 outputs.


Ultrasonic Flow measurement applications

  • Toshniwal portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter is widely used in various industries. They are mainly used to measure the flow rate of fluids that have very little suspended solids. It is also suitable for measuring fluids such as:
  • Water treatment, slurry and process water pumping
  • ●Majorly used for internal maintenance audits of existing flow meters as a reference.
  • This flow meter can be used over a very large flow range (DN20 to DN6000) owing to its clamp-on method of measuring.
  • Hydro-electric and cooling units
  • Fire stations
  • Food and paper industries
  • Flow balancing
  • We offer world-class liquid flow measurement solutions. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help your business.


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