Toshniwal offers a wide range of Universal signal transmitters and isolators from PR Electronics (Denmark). Known for their outstanding quality, long-term signal accuracy and reliability in all environments, all devices are individually validated to exceed most demanding failure rate assessments and are backed by comprehensive technical documents.


  • PR pioneered compliance with IEC 61508 and, with our comprehensive range of power-rail mounted analog and digital I.S. interfaces; you will easily comply with IEC 61511 site standards
  • Option to remotely access process values in four different ways while still preserving the analog signal.
  • 5 year warranty


  • Linearised, electronic temperature measurement with RTD or TC sensor.
  • Conversion of linear resistance variation to a standard analogue current / voltage signal, i.e.from solenoids and butterfly valves or linear movements with attached potentiometer.
  • Power supply and signal isolator for 2-wire transmitters.
  • Process control with 2 pairs of potential-free relay contacts and analogue output.
  • Galvanic separation of analogue signals and measurement of floating signals.
  • Designed according to strict safety requirements and is thus suitable for application in SIL 2 installations.


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