The product group "Flow Computers" offers a unique range of comprehensive solutions to calculate the consumption and net flow at standard conditions or the ratio between two flows. All models are available for both safe area and hazardous area applications. Moreover, wireless data re-transmission and remote flow rate / totalizer monitoring is offered with the ProcessMonitor products and services.


The following features are available in the advanced flow computer models range.

  • ratio (A/B) - model F114
  • sum (A+B) - model F116
  • differential / consumption (A-B) - model F116
  • differential / consumption (A-B) with temperature compensation - model F127
  • liquid volume calculation with temperature compensation - model F126-EL
  • gas volume calculation with temperature and pressure compensation - model F126-EG


  • Calculating fuel consumption
  • Gas Flow Calculation in Power plants
  • Two component blending
  • On board ships for fuel consumption and power plant monitoring


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