The DIMF series density/concentration meter is based on the oscillating element principle. The fluid to be measured flows through the oscillating element (a tuning fork for Type 1.3 and an oscillating tube for type 2.0) that is excited electromagnetically and will oscillate at its natural frequency. Changes in the density of liquid passing through will lead to changes in the oscillating frequency. Electronic transducers pick up these frequency changes and convert it in to a signal that is proportional to the density or concentration of liquid.


  • Density Range: 0 to 5g/cm3
  • Operational flow rate ranges: 0 to 50 l/min
  • Measured variable available in standard 4-20 mA output signal or HART communication protocol
  • Direct measurement of density, reference density or concentration
  • Robust construction leads to long life and high reliability
  • Very high accuracy and repeatability
  • Simple installation
  • Resistant to vibrations and pressure changes or flow rate changes


Major applications for DIMF series are process control and quality monitoring of fluids in all areas of industry. The device can be used for density mass flow conversion for custody transfer in connection with corresponding volumetric meters and flow computers.


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