WEKA Cryogenic Valves regulates flow of various gases such as hydrogen and helium at different temperatures. They are designed to be used in very cold applications where temperatures can range from -270 °C to approx. -200 °C. It also ideal for applications where the low pressure range up to 40 bar and the high tightness requirements in the pressure range is up to 1000 bar. We are leading authorized Cryogenic Valves supplier supplier in India from WEKA - Switzerland. Our Cryogenic Valves include ●Cryogenic Control Valves ●Bellow Sealed Cryogen Inc Valve ● High Pressure Hydrogen Valves ●Shut-Off valves ●Needle Valves Transfer line couplings


Characteristics of our Cryogenic Valves

  • Down to 1.8K
  • Manual or Pneumatic actuated raisin stem level
  • Seat integrated in valve body
  • Top-load design
  • Butt weld ends
  • Bellow-ring-sealed stem


Applications of cryogenic control valves

Known for their reliability and durability, cryogenic control valves are ideal for the regulation and control of fluids with temperatures ranging from -270 °C to approx. -200 °C. It mainly used in the liquefaction and refrigeration of helium and hydrogen but can also used for other fluids such as argon, neon, xenon, nitrogen and oxygen. Our cryogenic valves are ideal for:

  • Nuclear Fusion
  • Plasma research
  • Liquefaction, distribution and storage of gases hydrogen for automotive application Aerospace infrastructure


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