Coriolis Mass Flow Meters are well known for their accuracy and versatility for medium to (very) high flow rates. Bronkhorst, however, specializes on applying the Coriolis flow measuring technique on (very) low flow rates. Engineers in laboratories, universities, industry, production and pilot plants with very different requirements already discovered the possibilities and advantages of applying Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for low flow rates.


  • Direct mass flow measurement, independent of fluid properties
  • Flow range 0.05g/hr....600kg/hr
  • High Accuracy for liquid: +/-0.2% rate, for gases: +/-0.5% of rate
  • Integrated control functionality for dosing purposes or other applications where liquid flow, but also gas flow, must be accurately regulated
  • Compact design, with integrated PID controller for fast and stable control
  • Now suitable for (very) low flow ranges
  • Digital technology allows fieldbus communication and offers user configurable control characteristics
  • For areas or installations with risk of explosion, ATEX Zone 1 and 2 solutions can be offered.
  • MOC: SS316L and Optional Hastelloy-C22


Bronkhorst Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers are used extensively in different Industrial and Research sectors where accurate (low-flow) control of fluids is critical to process. Here are a few examples:

  • Dosing a platinum catalyst into a process plant
  • Liquefied petroleum gas measurement in a research laboratory as a preliminary test for production
  • Dosing of supercritical fluids (e.g. CO2) into reactors
  • Accurate dosing of liquid additives, e.g. colorants, plasticizers, stabilizers and processing aids
  • Surface treatment of plastic textiles, food and beverage packaging, parts for the automotive industry, etc. by means of vapor delivery systems


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