Additive Injection Block is a compact liquid injector which is used for injecting small and accurate doses of additive liquids to primary liquids to improve their performance. The pulses generated by the flowmeter evaluates the volume of additive injected liquid in the main line. The injection of liquid additives is used in the manufacturing of colouring agents, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-static, anti-freezing and anti-foaming emulsifiers. Designed with a single stainless steel block containing a precision oval wheel meter, Toshniwal Additive Injection Blocks have a sleek and compact design. It is s used in terminal automation systems as a slave unit.


Characteristics of Additive Injection Blocks

  • It is specially designed for performing with high accuracy and with the least pressure drop.
  • The ratio control module or batch controllers are approved for use in a hazardous area and capable of powering the sensor and controlling the solenoid.
  • The Injection block is designed with a single stainless steel block containing a precision oval wheel meter, solenoid valve, and other components. This makes it sleek and compact.
  • High flow capacity with little space requirement.
  • The injector is easy and economical to install and operate.
  • Our injectors are approved by the Weights and Measures Authority (India) and have ATEX/ PESO approved Explosion-proof electrical instruments.
  • The components are detachable for servicing.


Additive Injection Blocks applications

Known for easy installation and operation, our Additive Injection Blocks are used to improve the characteristics such as combustion, lubrication, anti-freezing, and de-carbonization of the engine. They are used for

  • Packaging
  • Dosing
  • Liquid filling
  • Pharma
  • Food Chemicals
  • R&D
  • Oil & Gas


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