The Toshniwal Twin Shaft Powder Mixer is the industrial standard for any application that requires mixing 2 or more powders homogeneously. The unique design of Toshniwal Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers enable us to guarantee a homogeneous powder mix to our clients, in very quick cycle-times. We understand the critical importance of an even, repeatable mix for our clients in reduced mixing times. Our Twin shaft paddle mixer is our solution for this exact requirement. The Twin Shaft paddle mixer has two counter rotating shafts with welded paddles. The paddles lift the material up in the centre of the mixer in weightless whirls, creating ‘’fluidization”. The particles have a total freedom of movement and fall into each other, ensuring the highest level of homogeneity. The movement of paddles ensures convectional transport of particles along the mixer, while the lift and fall of particles help to it to diffuse into each other in a very short span of time.


  • Homogeneous (Even) mix of powders
  • Extremely short mixing time (Typically 30 to 180 seconds)
  • Reliable and Repeatable Mixing
  • Gentle Mixing ensures no damage to mixed product
  • Low Shear
  • Low running and maintenance cost
  • Guaranteed full load start
  • Uniform Liquid Spray
  • Pin-mill system to break lumps
  • Spray bar with nozzles for liquid addition
  • Jacket arrangements for heating and cooling
  • CIP system for quick and efficient cleaning


The well engineered design and robust construction of Toshniwal Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers make it a very versatile mixing solution in different industries. A few to mention:

  • Food Industry: Our Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers have been supplied for mixing Gulab Jamun Powder, Cereal Mix, Instant Coffee Powder, Food Additives, Dairy Feed Mix, Vending Premix, Hot Beverage Powder, Flavored tea mix, Muesli, Fortified Rice, Yeast Mix, Cake Premix, Electrolyte powder and many more
  • Animal Feed Industry: Toshniwal Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers are widely used for manufacturing Feed Premix, Poultry Feed, Mineral Feed, Feed Supplements, Aqua feed mix, Feed Additives, Cattle Feed Mix, Vitamin Premix and Trace Elements
  • Chemical Industry: Detergent Powder mixing, Fragrance stick powder, Fertilizer mixing, Pesticide Powder mixing, Foundry powder, Glass powder, Iron Ore powder, Micronutrient mixing, Soap powder mixing and many more.
  • Refactory/ Building materials Industry: Distemper paint, Gypsum Plaster mix, Fly Ash mix, Abrasive powder, Cement Plaster mix, Ceramic material mix, Mortar mix and many more


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