The Toshniwal Single Shaft Powder Mixer is an ideal solution for high through-put, economical mixing and meant for adding shear. The unique single paddle design divides the housing into zones each served by at least two paddles. All moving particles create a dynamic interaction between the zones. Voids are created mechanically and particles are directed to randomly fill the voids. The high volume of voids created achieves the speed of mixing. Accuracy is achieved by limiting the size of the void so particles do not roll apart.


  • Fast accurate mixing
  • Repeat performance
  • Low intensity; gentle mixing, hence, no degradation.
  • Low operating cost, high production volume
  • Quick drop bottom discharge
  • Optional shear makers provision with the motors assures for meeting the special processdemand such as dispersion / colouring and de-lumping etc.
  • Spray bar with nozzles for liquid addition
  • Jacket arrangements for heating or cooling
  • CIP System to clean interiors quickly and efficiently.


  • Food Industry: Gulab Jamun Powder, Cereal Mix, Instant Coffee Powder, Food Additives, Dairy Feed Mix, Vending Premix, Hot Beverage Powder, Flavored tea mix, Muesli, Fortified Rice, Yeast Mix, Cake Premix, Electrolyte powder and many more
  • Animal Feed Industry: Toshniwal Paddle Mixers are widely used for manufacturing Feed Premix, Poultry Feed, Mineral Feed, Feed Supplements, Aqua feed mix, Feed Additives, Cattle Feed Mix, Vitamin Premix and Trace Elements
  • Chemical Industry: Detergent Powder mixing, Fragrance stick powder, Fertilizer mixing, Pesticide Powder mixing, Foundry powder, Glass powder, Iron Ore powder, Micronutrient mixing, Soap powder mixing and many more.
  • Refactory/ Building materials Industry: Distemper paint, Gypsum Plaster mix, Fly Ash mix, Abrasive powder, Cement Plaster mix, Ceramic material mix, Mortar mix and many more


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