Toshniwal Paddle Shaft dryers are built around our very successful and widely used Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer design. Open type variant and Closed type variants are available. The Open System is designed in such a way that makes ambient air blow into the drying system. The air warms up in a heater before blowing into the drying chamber. The hot air is inserted on both side towards the paddles in the dryer. The paddles bring the air through the material, up to the fluidized zone where the particles can be lifted to create a larger surface area to increase the drying rate. The moist air is blown out of the dryer with fine particles which collect in the filter bags, kept in the exhaust side of the dryer. Close System has the heated air blown into the mixer along with the moist product. The heat exchange makes the moisture evaporate from the product. Moist air passes through the filter before it is sucked into the fan. The air is then blown through the cooler for condensation before it is reheated. When drying very moist products, the wet product is mixed with dry first, to ensure that the fluidisation and the high drying rate is maintained.


  • No local overheating
  • No local over-drying
  • Gentle drying
  • Low drying temperature possible
  • Good correlation between product temperature and exhaust temperature
  • The integrated mixing technology always ensures a homogeneous batch
  • Vacuum mixing and drying as an option is also available for sensitive products within the same design.


  • Food Industry: Gulab Jamun Powder, Cereal Mix, Instant Coffee Powder, Food Additives, Dairy Feed Mix, Vending Premix, Hot Beverage Powder, Flavored tea mix, Muesli, Fortified Rice, Yeast Mix, Cake Premix, Electrolyte powder and many more
  • Animal Feed Industry:Feed Premix, Poultry Feed, Mineral Feed, Feed Supplements, Aqua feed mix, Feed Additives, Cattle Feed Mix, Vitamin Premix and Trace Elements
  • Chemical Industry: Detergent Powder mixing, Fragrance stick powder, Fertilizer mixing, Pesticide Powder mixing, Foundry powder, Glass powder, Iron Ore powder, Micronutrient mixing, Soap powder mixing and many more.
  • Refactory/ Building materials Industry: Distemper paint, Gypsum Plaster mix, Fly Ash mix, Abrasive powder, Cement Plaster mix, Ceramic material mix, Mortar mix and many more


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