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Weka Visual Level Indicator gives clear and easily and viewed indication of the liquid level. This is a remote visual indicator and its usually mounted externally of a tank in custom configuration. A magnet float housed inside a tube (chamber) follows the Liquid level rise and falls in the main tank. The float consists of a special magnet configuration that allow magnetic lines of force to act with flaps, which have tiny directional magnet inserted inside. The bi-colour of white and red indication rails  represents air and liquid level respectively. A series of indication rails  usually indicate the level from a distance. These are kept remote from the liquid and thus no leakage even if the rails housing is damaged. This can be used for different ranges of temperature and pressures, high viscosity and strong corrosion.

Toshniwal is reckoned as spearheading force in process control and instrumentation industry. We have more than 5 decades of experience in specialized areas of process vacuum (Rough Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum) and instrumentation.

We would like to inform you that Toshniwal has acquired exclusive license from Weka to manufacture their Level Indicators and supply their range Level products like Visual level indicators, Tank Level Indicators  etc., in India


1) Reed switches

2) Measuring Scale

3) Magnetic Switches

4) Transmitters


1) Chemical Industries

2) Shipbuilding

3) Thermal power plants

4) Hydraulic systems

5) Railways

6) Vehicular applications

7) Petrochemical Industries

8) Refrigeration systems


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