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  • Mar, 01, 2021

Case Study : Pick & Place laminate sheets under vacuum

Toshniwal’s Solution for Pick & Place Applications for leading Plyboard manufacturers

Application: Pick & Place laminate sheets under vacuum

Client: Plyboards Manufacturer


Plywoods are laminated with protective layers of plastic on both sides or on one side. 

A trolley with 6 vacuum cups is placed for to & fro motion with a pneumatic cylinder arrangement to have up & down motion on 2 tables. One table contains laminates of various thickness and another one contains a sheet with adhesive properties. The laminate sheets are lifted with the help of vacuum pressure delivered via cups and is been placed on the other table. Our TMS-15 vacuum pump plays a major role in placing the laminate sheets. 

Key Point :

The entry of air inside the laminates is avoided since this process is done under Vacuum. Hence the pasting of two sheets becomes much easier. 

Toshniwal’s Initiative: 

Initially, we offered our pump on a trial basis, It efficiently met the expected standards of product quality and consumed low power of just 0.55 kW during operations. With our supplied vacuum pump, the pasting of laminate sheets becomes uniform as air entrapment is highly reduced which enhances the quality of laminate.


Air entry leads to an air void and makes the product defective. To avoid the same, a suitable vacuum pump is necessary. Toshniwal TMS Series pumps are the exact solution for this application and our customer is satisfied with their end product. 

This is just a small look into Toshniwal’s methodology of combining our decades of experience along with our reliable Vacuum Systems to provide long term solutions that encourage our Clients to keep coming back to us.

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