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  • Jul, 03, 2019

Vacuum Sewage Systems: The answer to the woes of traditional Sewage Collection

While a lot of attention is directed towards the Water Management infrastructure in major Indian cities during Summers and Draughts caused by delayed monsoons, an equally important but often overlooked problem is the condition of the Sewage Networks that are in use.

The existing condition:

Currently, all the Sewage Collection in India’s major cities is done by the traditional Gravitational Network Method through pipes or open channels. In these systems, the sewage waste from all households is transported from their respective Septic tanks to the central Sewage treatment plants by gravity through pipes or channels which are laid in sloping gradients. This raises several problems:

- An enormous amount of water is required to drive the waste from the source to the treatment plants.

- Rain-water can mix with open channel networks and cause contamination of Groundwater table.

- Cracks or leaks in the piping network can lead to leakage and again lead to contamination

- Blocks and sludge build-up have to be cleared manually to avoid flooding

- The sloping gradient has to be maintained over long distances and pumping stations must be used in areas where these sloping gradients are not feasible.

The Vacuum Sewage Alternative:

The Vacuum Sewage System is a highly efficient and clean alternative to these traditional Gravitational methods where, as the name says, Vacuum Pumps are used in centralized locations to suck Sewage from source to Treatment Plants. By using Vacuum pumps and the differential pressure that they create to transport sewage over a long distance, we are able to eliminate the need for Sloping Gradient pipes, pumping stations and enormous quantities of water to drive the sewage over long distances.

Advantages of Vacuum Sewer System:

- Large savings in Water Consumption for driving waste

- No possibilities of leakage. Even in the event of cracks or leaks in the piping network, the Vacuum prevents sewage from leaking outside.

- It is Operator friendly as the operator never comes in contact with raw sewage. Confined spaces are not an issue.

- It is a much more efficient system where it is not uncommon for a Single Vacuum pumping station to replace 6-8 gravity lift stations.

Vacuum Sewer Systems in India:

Toshniwal has been at the forefront in Vacuum technology in India over the past 6 decades and we are constantly looking for ways to improve Industrial and Domestic processes through new Technology. In this spirit, we have partnered with Roediger Systems from Germany to bring this Vacuum Sewage System to India.

Roediger is the world leader in this technology where their expertise enabled them to execute key landmark projects like the world’s largest Vacuum Sewer Network at Palms Jumeirah – Dubai.

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