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  • Oct, 20, 2021

Applying Vacuum in Process Industries

In laboratories, refineries, manufacturing units, power plants and food manufacturing and processing units, vacuum generation technology plays an important role. As a leading vacuum pump manufacturer, we offer different types of vacuum pumps used in industries. These vacuum pumps are designed to meet customer process requirements.

Vacuum pumps in the chemical industry

In the chemical, a vacuum is solely used to run the thermal base operations such as drying and distillation at lower temperatures to protect the products. Here the main function of the vacuum system is to lower the pressure and reduce the boiling temperature. For this, the vapor must be pumped and condensed. . We offer a variety of vacuum pump solutions.

How vacuum pumps are used in the chemical industry?

Vacuum pumps are used in many industries for different processes. However, in chemical processes, the essential difference lies in the usage. Different factors govern the choice of vacuum pumps in the chemical industry and some of these are:

1) Explosion hazards

2) Condensation

3) Corrosion problems

Vacuum Distillation:-

Vacuum distillation separates mixture components under low or high pressure.During this process when the boiling point is low chemicals get separated from high boiling point compound mixtures.


Lower operating cost

Reduce undesirable side reaction

Robust in construction

Pump used: Dry screw vacuum pump, Liquid ring vacuum Pump, Lab style high vacuum pump, Oil lubricated vacuum pump

Vacuum Drying:-

Drying is the process that removes the moisture from a wet solid by exposing the mixture to vacuum. This is the best solution when compared to heat drying.


Batch time can be decreased

Energy efficient

Quick drying when compared to heat drying

Maintenance free

Silent System

Low operating system

Cost Saving

Pump used : Oil lubricated vacuum pump, Dry vacuum Pump, Oil Immersed Vacuum pump, Liquid ring vacuum pump

Solvent Recovery:-

In chemical, pharma, flavor and fragrance type industry uses solvent recovery vacuum system., The solvent will be mixed in the liquid mixture., Applying vacuum vaporizes the solvent…Our vacuum system condenses and drain the solvent directly into LVRP and drained out to the solvent storage tank.


Cost reduction

Reduces waste

These are some examples how our Vacuum Pump used in Chemical Industry....

Looking for a vacuum pump manufacturer?

We, at Toshniwal, offer a wide range of vacuum pumps that are designed for use in different industries. Our wide range of vacuum pumps and systems help you to increase the productivity and efficiency of different industrial processes. We have over three decades of expertise to analyze the requirement and provide effective and efficient solutions. As one of the leading pump manufacturers, we also offer tailored vacuum solutions. Get in touch with us and let's find out together! Click here to drop an inquiry!






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