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  • Oct, 20, 2021

Sage Thermal mass flow meter

 Though the traditional billing meter can be used, it does not monitor the thermal flow rate and consumption. The billing meter only calculates the energy consumption and that too for a fixed period, say monthly or quarterly. For accurate flow rate reading, Thermal mass flow meters are a go-to-solution for many industries, including

Petrochemical industry

Power plants

Pharmaceutical industry

Paper and pulp industry

Why are Sage Thermal mass flow meters preferred?

 Sage Thermal mass flow meters are preferred in many industries for various gas flow applications. They are a combination of durability and performance as they ensure high accuracy in low flow rate scenarios. The high contrast graphical display offers flow rate, temperature, total flow, a bar graph, and diagnostic information, plant managers, maintenance managers, six sigma managers and other similar stakeholders benefit from all readily available information that is provided by thermal mass flow controllers. The metering procedure can be performed without any interruption as it doesn’t require the removal of the flow instrument from the pipe or any additional hardware.

Benefits of using Sage Thermal mass flow meters

1) Highly accurate and repeatable: Sage thermal mass flow controller has a negligible pressure drop and thus, gives accurate reading repeatedly.

2) Easy to install: Both insertion thermal mass flow meters and in-line thermal flow meters are designed for easy installation. They have no moving parts. Temperature or pressure transmitters are not needed.

3) Rangeability in digital mode: Sage thermal mass flow meters have extraordinary rangeability, of at least 100:1, with a resolution as much as 1000:1. This makes the Sage thermal mass flow controller ideal for use all the time, be it at peak loads or during minimal gas requirements.

4) Easy to ready: The bright digital display of flow rate, total flow and gas temperature and diagnostics, make it user-friendly.  

5) Remote control: Sage thermal flow meters are also available remote control, which allows the user to monitor the mainline from a distant control room, where the electronics and powering are done at the transmitter.

Thermal mass flow meter applications

Sage Thermal mass flow meters are available in various styles, making them suitable for different applications, our Thermal Mass Flow meters and Controller are suitable for all liquids in industrial, chemical, medical and laboratory environments.

They are used to measure the flow rate of

1) LPG

2) Flue gas

3) Flare gas

4) Propane

5) Compressed air and much more

Our Sage Thermal mass flow meters can help you monitor, measure the gas mass flow in your industrial process. As one of the leading flow meter manufacturers, we offer a wide range of flow meter solutions that can solve complex challenges in various industries. Our high performance, flow meter solutions can help increase productivity, reduce energy costs and maximize product yields. Get in touch with us to know more about products and how we can help your business.




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