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  • Feb, 21, 2023

Toshniwal Mixer in Rice Fortification Process

What is Rice Fortification?

Rice fortification is the process of adding essential vitamins and minerals to rice during the milling process. This is done to improve the nutritional value of the rice, and to help prevent deficiencies in essential nutrients that can lead to health problems such as anemia and birth defects.

Toshiwal manufacturers Twin Shaft Mixer for this application which mixes 2 or more powders homogeneously.  

Process of Rice Fortification:

The process of rice fortification begins at the mill, where the rice is cleaned and milled to remove the husk and other impurities. At this stage, the vitamins and minerals are added to the rice in a carefully controlled process to ensure that the correct amounts are added to each batch.

One of the key challenges in the rice fortification process is ensuring that the vitamins and minerals are evenly distributed throughout the rice. This is critical, as uneven distribution can lead to some portions of the rice being over-fortified, while others may have insufficient levels of essential nutrients. The unique design of Toshniwal Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers enable us to guarantee a homogeneous powder mix to our clients, in very quick cycle-times.

Features of our Toshniwal Mixer in Rice Fortification:

The features of our mixer are:

1. Homogeneous (Even) mix of powders

2. Extremely short mixing time (Typically 30 to 180 seconds)

3. Reliable and Repeatable Mixing

4. Gentle Mixing ensures no damage to mixed product

5. Low Shear

6. Low running and maintenance cost

7. Guaranteed full load start

8. Uniform Liquid Spray

In addition to mixing, the rice fortification process also involves quality control measures to ensure that the finished product meets the required standards. This typically involves testing the finished rice for nutrient content, as well as other factors such as taste, texture, and appearance.


Overall, rice fortification is an important process that helps to improve the nutritional value of rice and prevent deficiencies in essential nutrients. This can be easily done via Toshniwal mixers. Do contact us and get mixed your products in the right way..!!

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