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  • Apr, 26, 2019


The oval wheel meters are constructed as single case meters, which can work with the operating pressure of 10 – 40 bar maximum and the temperature of 180°C maximum. This gives high accuracy of ± 0.1% to ± 0.3% on the actual flow depending upon the liquids. These meters are used for LPG, Acids, Caustic Soda, Fats, Alcohols, Solvents, Dispersion, Polymers, Additives, Lacquers, Dyes,
Glue, Light to heavy oils, various Petroleum products etc.

They are also used for metering and control purposes for the loading of tankers and tank trucks. In the Food Industry also these meters are used for measuring of milk, vegetable oil, fruit juices, spirits, beer and other liquids.

These are manufactured in sizes from ½” to 4”. These oval wheel meters are compact, Sturdy and reliable for long run without any wear and tear. These oval wheel meters can also be supplied with Pulse Transmitter to give the pulse output for remote indications and for batching applications for control of different types of valves. 

These oval wheel meters are highly accurate with low pressure drops and suitable for varying viscosity ranges. The maintenance of these oval wheel meters are totally Nil and it will be done in the field itself without disturbing the pipe or process.



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