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Applications of Acid Filling In Battery Manufacture

Acid Filling In Battery Manufacture


  • Client is one of the large battery Manufacturer in India.
  • They were previously using a third party Oil lubricated pump for this purpose and were facing continuous failures due to the corrosive nature of application.
  • Continuous pump breakdowns and frequent Oil change forced the client to look for an alternative solution.

Our Solution

  • We have provided our EU65 and EU105 series pump coupled with SS316L filters.


  • Vacuums are functioning without problems and less frequent oil changes.
  • The cycle time has increased significantly.
  • Client is satisfied due to increased productivity.
Applications of Transformer Insulation Drying

Transformer Insulation Drying


  • Client is a large Power Plant Equipment manufacturer in India.
  • They have a large transformer building plant in Bhopal.
  • Transformers, once built require vacuum drying to ensure long life of the transformer.
  • The insulation used in large transformers can have a barrel weight of water in the form of moisture and it is very important to remove this moisture to ensure life of transformer.
  • During this drying process, a lot of scaling particles from the copper wire insulation material flows to the vacuum pumps.

Our Solution

  • We have provided out TMS series pump coupled with ROOTs blower and condenser for this application.


  • TMS series has good water vapor handling capacity and can handle particulates up to a point.
  • ROOTS blower significantly reduces cycle time.
  • Our custom made condenser works in tandem with our pumps to ensure optimum performance.


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