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Solvent Extraction Of Plant Oleo-Resins applications

Solvent Extraction Of Plant Oleo-Resins


  • Client is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Spice Oils, Oleo-resins and essential oils.
  • They were previously using a conventional LRVP for their solvent batch extraction process.
  • They were facing issues with product yield and extended cycle times due to low compatibility of pump for process.

Our Solution

  • We have provided our Hybrid LRVP with closed loop water circulation system for this application.


  • We immediately observed a 50% reduction in cycle time.
  • There were no wastage of yield due to the compatibility of pump with their process.
  • Lower water consumption and wastage due to closed loop water circulation.
Filtration & Distillation At Pharmaceutical R&D Facility application

Filtration & Distillation At Pharmaceutical R&D Facility


  • Client is a Research & Manufacturing Organization based out of Bangalore. They are setting up a new Analytical R&D facility which has a central vacuum requirement for 30 points that are connected to Fume-hoods, Rotary Evaporators and Filtration units.
  • They wanted a fully automated system to avoid extra man-power. Their Vacuum requirement was 60 Torr.
  • System would have to handle vapor as well as function 24*7 to support their R&D activities.

Our Solution

  • We have provided our Variport LRVP Hydro-pack with total water re-circulation and control panel with automatic pump operation at required pressure.


  • No man-power due to fully automated operation.
  • Low power consumption due to automated start and cut-off.
  • Low water consumption due to total re-circulation.
  • The smaller dimensions and 30%-lighter weight is suitable for their new R&D facility.
  • The vapor handling capacity of our LRVP pumps ensure optimal performance.
  • These Variport pumps are ideal for central vacuum applications as they can operate in an entire pressure range.


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