When blending large quantities of which the end customer will only use a fraction of, it is important to have homogeneous blends. Our customers once had these concerns and have eliminated over-mixing and re-work issues by installing our mixer. Decorative wall materials apply much better when properly mixed and you may be able to reduce the binder. Shear makers are used to distribute fibers and develop color.Blending of heat sensitive or friable ingredients is not a problem. With a one-minute blend time from our low intensity agitator product integrity is not compromised.Investment and operating costs are lower.

Road Building Material

Road Building Material
For the homogeneous mixing of Resins, Pigments, Glass beads and Liquid plasticizer.

Powder paints

Powder Paints
For the mixing of powder pigments, with binders to make powder paint. Homogeneous mixing is a must to get the uniform color of paint.

Cement And Putty

Cement And Putty

  • Cement Plaster: For the homogeneous mixing cements, quartz sand, limestone dust additives etc.
  • Blended Cement: Mixing of Fly ash, OPC, Silica Fume, Granulated Blast furnace Slag.
  • Wall Putty: For the homogeneous mix of white cement and Calcium Dolomite etc.
  • Wall Mortar: Mixing of Wall putty, Quartz sand, Dry mortar, cement etc.
  • Gypsum plaster: For the homogeneous mix of Gypsum, Quartz Sand, additives etc.


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