Our Single & Double mixers, dryers and Powder transfer systems have seen extensive use in the Food industry in India. The proven international designs of our mixers ensure a homogeneous mix while retaining the quality and integrity of the finished product. Our clients range from India’s leading Tea manufacturers and Instant food premix manufacturers to International NGOs. Here is a broad listing of the various applications in Food industry that we have extensive experience in.

Masala & Herbal Tea

Masala And Herbal Tea Premix
When mixing Tealeaves with additive natural flavors such as Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Pepper; it’s very important to maintain the integrity of the mix during the process to ensure the quality and Aroma of the final product. It is also imperative to get a homogeneous mix to ensure an even distribution of flavor. The major Tea manufacturers and Exporters in India employ our Mixers for this very reason.

Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee Premix
Instant coffee powders, which have the roasted beans mixed with chicory powder as well as those sachets, which have a pre-determined mix of coffee, milk powder and sugar require a homogeneous mix so that each package of product has the exact proportion of ingredients to effect the signature taste of that product. Our Mixers have been used in India’s leading Cafe outlets to ensure their signature blend and aroma in every cup.

Spice & Masala Powder Mix

Spice And Masala Powder Mix
We have been supplying our mixers for the spice packers and exporters. Products such as Garam masala require homogeneous coating of oil and our mixer excels at this application by using their fluidized zone technology. We have supplied equipment to the leading brands who deal with processing and export of powders of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, Black pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, mace etc.

Ready To Eat Food

Ready To Eat Food Premixes
Indian food is being exported in “ready to eat” premix powders for the demand of their convenience and taste. Soup powders having dehydrated vegetables, Dal makhani, Gulab Jamun, Pav baji and many other Indian preparations require a homogeneous, dry mix for longer shelf life and standard flavor. These premixes are required to be of the highest quality to supply the global markets and our mixers and dryers are being used for this reason.

Musli & Fragile Products Mix

Musli & Fragile Products Mix
Manufacturers and packers of flavored cornflakes, Roasted Gram dal, salted peanuts, salted cashew, raisins, curry leaves and mixed snacks with oil coating require homogeneous mixing so that each package of food has the perquisite quantities of ingredients to ensure the signature flavor of food. We have provided our mixers to such companies for their perfectly homogeneous mix while maintaining the integrity of fragile ingredients by gentle mixing.

Food Additives And Coloring

Food Additives And Coloring
It is very important to have a homogeneous mix while adding coloring agents, antioxidants, preservatives, emulsifiers, enzymes, nutrient supplements, etc. Our mixers are widely used for ensuring the even distribution of said additives.

Baking Products

Baking Products
Large bakery chains use their own baking products to ensure quality and taste of their cakes and Confectionaries. Our mixers are used for making baking premix powders and flour along with stabilizers, emulsifiers, sugar and milk powder.



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