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Lubricant Oil Flow Measurement applications

Lubricant Oil Flow Measurement


  • Year: 1994.
  • Client is a major automobile lubricant oil refinery.
  • They had a requirement to measure the yield of their finished product after refinery processes.

Our Solution

  • We had provided our PD meter for this purpose in 1994.


  • Recent visits from our Engineers have brought back feedback of the reliable and accurate functioning of our PD meter for more than 20 years.
Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption


  • As the price of fuel increases, the need to monitor diesel consumption and prevent wastage is a priority for industries.
  • Fuel covers a major percentage of operation cost for majority of industries.
  • Our client was looking for a means to measure total amount of diesel unloaded into storage tanks and the individual consumption rates of Generators.

Our Solution

  • We have supplied our PD meters with a PLC for data storage. Provided level switches and sensors to automate the entire operation and monitoring of the Diesel generators. Overall system accuracy of +/-1% achieved.
  • Sum of Individual generator consumption can be compared with overall consumption from tank.


  • Overall consumption of plant can be monitored.
  • Individual consumption of Diesel generators can be measured.
  • Completely automated system provided to avoid human error and increase efficiency.
Thermal Mass Flow Measurement Of Gases applications

Thermal Mass Flow Measurement Of Gases


  • Petrochemical industries have an essential need to measure the total mass flow rate of Gases produced such as natural gas, biogas and LPG.
  • Most of these installations are hazardous areas having volatile gasses in pipeline.
  • In such situations, it’s quite difficult to make changes in pipeline to accommodate meters.

Our Solution

  • In multiple occasions such as this, we have provided SAGE thermal mass flow meters.


  • These are intrinsically safe meters which are suitable for hazardous area applications.
  • Extremely easy to install, probe-type meter is very accurate and causes negligible pressure drop.
  • Direct flow measurement cancels the need for pressure transmitter.
  • The In-situ calibration makes calibration extremely easy, eliminating the need of periodic factory re-calibration


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