Argon Rinsing Of Steel

Argon Rinsing Of Steel


  • Client was employing a large setup of Orifice meters to measure and control the injection of gas into molten Steel.
  • The setup was occupying large space and the accuracy was unreliable due to the dependence of setup on the temperature and pressure of Gas.
  • Client was looking for a more efficient alternative that is independent of temperature & pressure and accurate enough to introduce the exact amount of gas into the furnace

Our Solution

  • We have supplied our Mass Flow Controller as a simple and precise alternative for the existing setup.


  • Customer is happy with the accuracy of our MFC and it’s independence from the temperature and pressure of Ar gas.
  • A lot of space was saved due to the simple setup and small profile of MFC.
  • The quality of the steel has improved a lot due to the successful rinsing with Ar gas facilitated by our Mass Flow Controller.


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