Diesel Unloading Application In Power Plants


  • Combined Cycle Power plant under construction in Bangladesh.
  • Requirement for measurement of Diesel while unloading from wagons.
  • Company commissioned to construct power plant was well aware of the superiority of Toshniwal PD meters for Diesel application.

Our Solution

  • We have supplied our OV1000 PD meter with pulsar output and Fluidwell Electronic Display long with gas separator and strainer.
  • Our expertise for the installation and commissioning of the PD meter for their specific application.


  • Highly reliable, proven product; which has worked without glitch for more than 20 years for very less maintenance in similar applications.
  • Customer benefits from a cheap alternative to Mass flow meters.
  • Our PD meters already have a huge presence in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • No technical deviations, providing best-in-class accuracy.

Automated Engine-Oil Filling Application


  • Client was a motorbike manufacturer based out of Chennai.
  • They have several variants of Engines, which are manufactured at the plant and these engines need to be filled with oil as per their different capacities in the production line.

Our Solution

  • We have provided a PD meter with a pulse output coupled with a PLC system with a Bar-code scanner.
  • By reading the bar-code on the engine, the respective capacity of oil will be filled.
  • We have previously provided a similar solution to a car manufacturer out of Jharkhand and it’s a proven system.


  • Removing the human factor in the process and oil-wastage related to it.
  • Precise amounts of oil dispensed based on respective engine capacities ensuring a preset standard.
  • Helping the client reach the goal of full automation.


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