Milk Unloading Application In Dairy Industry


  • Milk is transported from trucks to treatment plants and need to be unloaded.
  • The temperature of the milk that is unloaded is near 5 ℃.
  • It is not advised to use turbine meters, as they would need careful handling and maintenance.
  • If turbine flow meter is used, then Stainless Steel internals were required and this would increase the cost considerably.

Our Solution

  • We have supplied our Electromagnetic Flow meter for this application with a PTFE lining which is relatively low-cost to a stainless steel turbine meter.


  • Customer is quite satisfied with the performance of the meter.
  • Satisfactory operation for the past 3 years
  • Straight length of pipeline was not required for installation.
  • Fit-and-forget operation for 3 years with no maintenance.

Water Consumption Monitoring In Soft-Drink Industry


  • Soft-drink manufacturers consume large amounts of water and it is important to ensure water is used efficiently.
  • Such plant require remote monitoring and hence pulse outputs and integration with their existing setup is essential.

Our Solution

  • We have supplied our Water meters with pulsar output and a RS485 converter which can connect 6 pulse inputs to a single console.
  • Web based software provided for data-logging.
  • Economical way of monitoring water consumption without PLC.


  • Helped our customer adhere to government norms.
  • Ensured efficient use of water.
  • Reduced wastage and cost.


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