Solvent Batching Systems applications

Solvent Batching Systems


  • One of the leading pharmaceutical companies, out of Gujarat was in need of high accuracy Solvent Batching Systems.
  • Solvents used: Methanol, MDC, Toluene, Hexene, Acetic Acid, Acetone etc.
  • Client was looking for a highly reliable, low- maintenance solution for their requirement.

Our Solution

  • We have designed and commissioned 26 Batching systems in the same plant.
  • We had incorporated our PD meter along with Power-pack and our Pneumatic Control Valve in the systems.


  • Systems working with high accuracy and low maintenance for the past 3 years and counting.
  • Client is relying heavily on the accuracy of our systems.
  • Client is satisfied with terms of delivery, accuracy, quality and after-sale support provided by Toshniwal.
Gantry Loading Of Liquid NAPTHA applications

Gantry Loading Of Liquid NAPTHA


  • Client is a fertilizer manufacturer in India.
  • They had a requirement of loading NAPTHA liquid into the transport trucks in an intrinsically safe system.
  • NAPTHA is a highly flammable liquid.

Our Solution

  • We have provided our batching system with our explosion-proof PD meter and electronics.


  • Customer has been successfully using the batching system for their NAPTHA fluid loading without any problems.
  • A single person is sufficient for the entire process. The system is quite simple to use.
  • This solution is half the cost of a Mass Flow Meter alternative with competitive performance.


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